What is Digital Orthodontics and why you should know about it

Digital orthodontics involves the use of technology in dental practice. There has been an effort to shift from the old way of dental treatment to the employment of new technologically advanced methods. Dental orthodontists prefer to use technology in every day dental treatments because of the profound benefits it has over the old traditional methods. The digital dental treatment methods are more effective and also save orthodontists a lot of time as well.

We’ll give you an overview into what digital orthodontics entail, its benefits and some of the efforts made into digital orthodontic treatments like clear Braces. What are some of the benefits of digital orthodontics? Guarantees you a return on investment (ROI) The usage of digital orthodontics in your dental clinic will guarantee you a great ROI. This is because in terms of the new advanced technology, you are definitely going to reap a handful of rewards. The business will also improve its overall efficiency and ensure total client satisfaction as well. The overall result shall include an increase in sales and a staff that is efficient.

Motivates your employees.

Using digital orthodontics will turn your workplace into a much better environment for your staff to work in. You might need to train old employees on the new technology for a smooth transition from manual treatment methods to digital orthodontic techniques.

Client satisfaction.

Digital orthodontics will also guarantee client satisfaction. A good example might be the usage of the intra-oral scanner. This procedure is simple and it helps to get rid of plaque and other unwanted materials in the mouth. The procedure is less painful and non-invasive compared to the manual method. The patients go home feeling better and satisfied. What are some of the modern digital orthodontic techniques? In the recent years, science and technology has made big strides in coming up with advanced digital orthodontics like the invisible braces. Here are some of these amazing technologies.

The AccleDent Aura. This is a new technology like the InvisAlign that helps speed up your tooth movement by almost 50%. The need for braces is diminishing and you might not need to wear them with this new technology.

The Lythos Intraoral scanner. The Lythos intraoral scanner is yet another digital orthodontics advancement that helps orthodontists to be able to perform digital scans on patients. This will in turn help to make custom-made braces for the client.

Insignia. The insignia technology also helps to improve the movement of teeth using advanced computer technology. The technology custom makes braces for you after a complete 3D digital scan.

In conclusion, digital orthodontics is largely being integrated by most dental professionals in their practice. As we have seen, it offers great benefits when used in any dental business model. You are guaranteed on a good return on your investments, your staff will be motivated to work more efficiently and it will also guarantee your clients total satisfaction. Improve your dental practice by employing digital orthodontics in your dental practice to enable you experience great sales in your business.