What are the chances of the Boring Company succeeding?

Now each company has some great potential when it is launched. This is because starting a company takes some initial research and a lot of efforts. Most of them have got an ideology at its heart that the company and its resources and personnel try to fulfil. There might be various aspects about a company and the scenario where it would be functioning to determine if it would be a success or not. One among these thousands of companies is the Boring Company, created by Elon Musk in late 2016. The successful CEO of Tesla, which is a company that deals in automotive and energy storage of renewable energy resources like electric cars and vehicle powertrain components and the like.

How the Boring Company came to being?

Elon Musk says that some time in December 2016, he got really frustrated while being stuck at a bad Los Angeles road traffic. It is really so that the traffic in Los Angeles is getting worse by the day. And so he decided to make a tunnel boring machine and “keep digging” till he finds a better solution. And the billionaire entrepreneur is doing just that under a plot of land for his rocket company, the SpaceX, which is the suburbs of Hawthorne. He has even declared that soon the tunnel will be ready with a lift that will allow cars to move through them. This will be in running condition soon.

Transportations have come a long way from the invention of the wheel. Now there are super cars and powerful trains cruising through the road. But there are not many revolutionary new ideas that we have seen for the past few years in the sector of land transports. Sure there are significant innovations that are being made like autonomous cars and the like. But what the Boring Company, yes that’s what the name is, is really a huge step forward. Elon Musk himself says that the project is in its infancy and the chances of successful compilation of the project are very narrow. But still every effort is being made.

Are there chances of the Boring Company succeeding?

Well, the CEO himself says that the task that has been undertaken requires a lot of digging around and exploiting what could be possible or not. Even the machine that does all the digging is named Godot after the play “Waiting for Godot” where this person never shows up. All these are enough to tell you that there are not much hope of success in the project. But that is not something to hold Musk back because his idea has got huge potential. Let us try to figure out in brief what Musk is trying to do through the Boring Company

Idea behind the Boring Company

The Boring Company is going to dig tunnels and reinforce the tunnel at the same time unlike traditional procedures. Musk says that after completion of the tunnels, cars can travel through it at a speed of about 130 miles an hour. He had even made a video of his idea. The idea is quite similar to the Hyperloop program, which are high speed rails for transporting people. This will remove the problems of cars clogging up the roadways.

There are lots of projects that Musk is currently involved in and he cannot invest much time in this project. So it seems that there are not much prospects of this project, though this revolves around a great idea.