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How to stay stress free in a densely populated city and busy work schedule

You probably know that being too busy can cause stress. But did you know that where you live can trigger stress as well? According to research people living in densely populated cities are more likely to experience stress than those who live in cities that are less populated. The traffic jam on the roads can take a toll on you making you worry about when you will get home or to work. The lack of privacy in most areas can make you feel as if you are going crazy. The list of things that cause stress in populated cities is endless. A busy work schedule may cause you to be stressed and even depressed when worse comes to worst. Such a schedule means that you do not have time to do other activities like spending time with friends and family; let alone to relax. All these activities are vital to your well-being and when deprived of them you will tend to be stressed.

So, how can you stay stress free in a densely populated city and a busy work schedule? Try these tips.

Choose a peaceful location for your home and make it a serene environment

When choosing the location of your home, avoid the suburbs that are densely populated. Avoid apartments if you can afford to. Choose a neighborhood that has a relaxing atmosphere where you can feel at home and enjoy your stay there. Remember that after the crazy working hours this is where you will be putting your head down. Inside the house, declutter and put everything in its place. If you do not have the time you can ask someone to do it. An organized home is more relaxing and will help you calm down and reduce your stress levels as soon as you shut the door to all the hassle and bustle going on out there.


Whereas you may not have time to go to the gym and exercise, one simple exercise you can always find time for is to breathe. This is a great way to relieve stress. Take a minute or more and breathe in and out heavily. As you exhale you will feel your body relaxing and all the tension stress causes taken off. When you are in a situation and feel as if you are about to lose your cool, breathe. At night before you go to bed breathe. Whenever you can, try to meditate and this will help you relax even more. You could even enroll for yoga classes if time allows.

Eat healthy and get enough rest

With a busy schedule you may not have time to cook your meals at home. However, avoid eating fast foods day in day out. A better option is to employ a cook who can help you prepare balanced meals. Even when you eat out, order meals that are balanced and healthy. What you eat determines how your body will handle any stress it experiences. Remember to drink a lot of water and eat fruits and vegetables for snacks. No matter how busy you are ensure that you get at least six hours of sleep every day. Foregoing sleep will not help you accomplish things faster. It will instead slow you down as your energy levels will be down and will increase your stress levels.