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3 Modern Exercise Techniques for New Results

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The importance of exercise to the human body cannot be overstated. However, doing the same exercise over and over again can be monotonous hence the need to spice up your exercise regimen with these modern techniques.

1. Dead Man’s Crawl

This is a unique exercise that helps to strengthen your core as it involves vertical pulling.

· Begin by lying on the floor with your face down, shoulders width apart and arms outstretched fully. Ensure that your legs are hip-width apart, legs straight with pointed toes. Your spine should be flat and do not pull back your head.

· Push down your forearms, elbows and palms on the floor. At the same time, pull forward with your fingers stretched out while keeping the whole body on the ground.

· Keep pulling yourself forward till your elbows are at the sides of your ribcage then stretching your arms over the head, place them on the floor with your palms flat on the ground and repeat this procedure twice or thrice.

2. The Half Moon Push ups

They are very helpful in preventing injuries and strains to the ribs not to mention building strength through a wide variety of motion.

How to do it:

· In a bear squat position, stretch out your arms fully, your hands should be shoulders and feet wide apart and your knees bent with your butt almost touching your heels.

· With your body close to the ground, pull yourself in an upward motion with your hands. As you do so, turn your torso and knees and towards the left in order to put more weight on the right hand.

· When your chest is aligned to your palms and shoulders shift some weight to the left hand turning your torso and knees to the right side.

· Once you are facing the right side, start to push yourself backwards as you turn your knees and torso all over again to the bear squat position.

· This exercise ought to be done in one smooth motion so that it seems like your chest is making a semi-circle across the floor hence the name half moon’

3. Modern yoga

Most people think of yoga as twisting of one’s body into some form. What they fail to know is that true yoga is the union of one’s mind, body, and spirit. Modern yoga is practically based on 4 basic principles which are:

· Positive thinking and meditation

Meditation is a major aspect of yoga and it comprises of various aspects such as greater focus, more self-awareness, a greater level of consciousness and a more relaxed frame of mind.

· Proper relaxation

This refers to feeling refreshed with a notable feeling of absence of worry which is easily attained after the first principle of positive thinking.

· Proper exercise

Yoga greatly involves creating a balance in the body through the development of strength and flexibility through various postures and poses. This is attained by stretching, hence the more you practice the more body strength you gain and the more flexible you become.

· Proper breathing

Many people don’t know that there is a proper way to breathe. Through yoga, you will relearn how to take in slow deep breaths that allow the abdomen to expand thus allowing inadequate oxygen that’s needed to nourish the body cells. Moreover, it slows down the heart rate, relaxes the muscles and calms down the mind.

Incorporating these modern exercises into your fitness program will help you attain your overall body weight goals and you will love the results.