Hobbies and Sports That Are Blowing Up in 2018

The internet is arguably the greatest invention in the telecommunication world.Today one can purchase an item from one corner of the world from the comfort of their house simply by logging onto the internet.Such has been the increase in non-physical interactions the internet has facilitated.Through Skype,Whatsup or Facebook its possible to talk one on one with anyone irrespective of where they are as long as both are logged onto the internet.

Sports remains a key leisure activity for thousands to engage in.New games emerge And are spread easily today because of the internet.Dodge ball is a game played within a court with two team,one throws the balls while the other avoids being hit,once hit or are outside the court you get eliminated,

The sport is said to have originated in Africa over two hundred years ago and was taken to Europe by Dr.James H Carlisle a missionary.Phillip Ferguson took the game to America popularized it.The internet today provides an instant tutorial on how to play and this has led to its growth globally.It has also achieved a lot as a sport with April 27 is the international dodge ball day.There are also two world bodies for dodge ball the World dodge ball federation and the World dodge ball association.

Bjj or Brazil Jiu Jitsu was a Japanese sport known as Jiu-Jitsu today known as Judo it was introduced to the Gracie family in Brazil by Esai Maeda at around 1914.The internet has played a key role in familiarizing the sport to new people.In 2018 alone Texas hosted three Bjj events.June second 2018 saw spain hold the Naga Bjj tournament and reality fighting.

92.72 meters in javelin is the the record held by Kenyan Julius Yego who is nicknamed Mr.You tube.After winning gold in the all Africa games Yego said that he had learned how to throw the javelin by watching you tube videos hence his nickname.His greatest inspiration was Jan Zelezny from Czech republic,there is possibility the two have never met but the internet has made it possible for Zelezny to teach Yego some skills that are absent in Kenya.

While these games may have existed for years the presence of the internet has enabled a wider and more effective audience.This has led to global recognition and organization.

The world cup effect.2018 has seen Russia host the greatest football tournament in the world.France emerged the winners the last time they had won was twenty years ago and Zinedine Zidane was at the centre of things.A study carried out in Brazil in 2014 showed that there are about eight hundrend and twenty zidanes born after 1998.Paul pogba is a house hold name across the streets in many countries with his hair style common everywhere.

While the internet has come with many positive effects it has equally carried a bundle of negative effects.Cyber crimes and bullying are fast becoming the new tread even in developing nations.Pornography and various sexual orientation are starting to emerge from area never witnessed.In Africa for example sexual relationships were purely between male and female though the practices might have existed in hidden form.Global Human rights activism has led to registration of lesbian and gay rights groups in almost every country.