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Promising Early Cancer Detection Technologies

Many people don’t find out they have cancer until after their very first symptom has appeared, whether it be a hard lump they found under their armpit or a change in their appetites. But, what if it were possible that through the use of certain technologies, we could detect cancer earlier and, perhaps, even start treatment before it has gotten to a point where cancer has spread throughout the body? At the moment, numerous biomedical research firms are racing to find new methods to screen cancer cells before the disease has had a chance to wreak havoc on the host’s body and potentially stop or slow the growth.

One such firm, Thrive, founded in April 2019, has been developing a liquid biopsy test. The test, called cancerSEEK, analyzes a donor’s blood sample for certain genetic mutations with a focus on 16 specific genes in hopes of being able to detect at least eight different types of cancer. At the moment, the company is conducting a study on 10,000 participants and aiming to have their product approved and ready for commercial use in the future.

Another research firm has found that their test may be able to predict cancer four years before it appears. Using a test called PanSeer, these researchers focused on a process known as methylation.

In chemistry, methylation is when one single carbon and three hydrogen atoms combine with some other molecule. In layman’s terms, methylation is vital in a person’s body because it controls such things as a person’s immune response, or how well they can fight off infections, the fight or flight response, and energy production. It is well-known that abnormal methylation can be the very first sign of certain types of cancer, such as colon cancer.

How the PanSeer test works is it isolates DNA from a donor’s blood sample, and it then measures this methylation at 500 various sites known for being most promising in detecting the disease. After this, results are sent to a computer where a mathematical algorithm determines whether or not a person will develop cancer. This particular test had a 90% accuracy rate following a control group of about 191 participants. Researchers working on PanSeer say more research is needed, but with the overall success they have found with their studies thus far, things are looking promising.

The last fascinating and innovative technology to enter the field of early detection of cancer is the use of AI or artificial intelligence technologies. A company based out of South Korea, Lunit, is leading the race into this.

Using an algorithm called INSIGHT, the AI provides a closer look into chest x-rays and mammogram scans to see what the older technologies could not. How it works is the algorithm focuses on one particular region in the chest where it then must find any abnormalities such as a lump. The machine is left to learn by itself, and overall, it seems to be about 97% successful in being able to diagnose both breast and lung cancers.

With the use of liquid biopsies, methylation measurement, and the rise of AI, the future of early cancer screening tools looks quite promising, and perhaps one day, we will be just that much closer to finding the cure for cancer.

Top 10 Polluting Countries Worldwide Who Need To Reduce Emissions

Global warming is no longer a theory. Hurricanes, floods, and droughts are all the evidence we need to prove that our actions have seriously damaged the earth. Many people around the world accuse Americans to be the biggest polluters, however, that is not entirely true. The misconception probably arose due to the fact that many Americans post their criticism and complaints on social media, more than other nationalities do.

Here is the latest data on the greenhouse gas emissions of the world’s Top 10 Polluters:


Mexico is responsible for 1.68% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. Around 67% of their emissions are due to the production of energy, while the rest of the emissions are a result of the waste, agriculture and industry sectors.


Canada is responsible for 1.69% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, with a large majority of it (85%) being a result of the country’s energy sector. The agriculture, industry and waste sectors are responsible for the rest of the emissions.


Indonesia is responsible for 1.7% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions, with the energy sector producing the most gas, followed by the agriculture, waste and industry sectors respectively.


Brazil is responsible for 2.33% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, most of which are produced almost equally by the country’s energy and agriculture sectors, while the waste and industry sectors produce a small portion.


Japan is responsible for 3.09% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, 92% of which is a result of the country’s energy sector. Industry and agriculture make up the rest, with the waste sector producing less than 0.4% of the emissions.


Russia is responsible for 5.03% of the global greenhouse gas emissions, with a large percentage (89%) produced by the energy sector, followed by the agriculture, industry and waste sectors.


India is responsible for 6.65% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. 69.8% is produced by the energy sector, 21.7% is produced by the agriculture sector, and the rest is a result of the industry and waste sectors.

3. EU 28

The European Union, which comprises of 28 countries, is responsible for 9.66% of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The energy sector produces 82% of the total emissions, with the agriculture sector producing almost 10%, followed by the industry and waste sectors producing the rest.


The USA is responsible for 14.36% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. The energy sector produces 87.5% of the emissions, followed by the agriculture, industry and waste sectors that produce the rest.


China is the world’s largest polluter, being responsible for 26.83% of the global greenhouse gas emissions. Just like all the other countries on this list, the energy sector is the biggest contributor, producing 80% of China’s total greenhouse gases, followed by the industry sector (12%), the agriculture sector (6%), and the waste sector (2%).

Looking at it all, the top 3 emitters produce 14 times the greenhouse gas emissions of the bottom 100 countries, and the energy sectors in every country are the culprits. One reason why China is the largest emitter is due to the fact that it is the most populated country in the world. Thankfully, China and other major emitters of greenhouse gases have already reverted the actions to minimize greenhouse gases in the future.

What The Sackler Case Could Mean For Big Pharma

The Sackler family is being blamed for fuelling the Opioid addiction epidemic in the United States. The family owns the Purdue Pharma which is the manufacturer of OxyContin, a highly addictive Opioid drug believed to be behind the Opioid epidemic in the United States killing almost 200 people daily.

According to Forbes, the Sackler Company is considered to be among the top 20 wealthiest families in the US, with a net-worth of $14 billion.

To most, they recognize the Sackler’s name for their philanthropic generosity towards some of the world leading museums and institutions such as the Yale University, the Guggenheim Museum (US) and the Britain’s Serpentine Gallery to the Royal Academy.

But unknown to many, the family wealth is generated from mainly one product – OxyContin, a popular pain killer launched in 1996.

In the mid-90s, the US pharmaceutical company started marketing the drug, (reportedly stronger than morphine), to be used to treat pain. It was vigorously promoted to the doctors and patients were assured it was safe. The demand led to the slick sales which have resulted in the commercial triumph for its manufacturers – and fuelled the present health tragedy.

The various family members are now facing mass litigation and possible Criminal investigation over their billion-dollar drug. Suffolk County in Long Island, New York recently sued the family for being solely responsible for the painkiller addictions and overdose-related deaths common in the local communities.

The family is at the same time being put into consideration of possible fraud and racketeering charges by the prosecutors in Connecticut and New York. They are saying that unknown to many; the product has been dangerously overprescribed and falsely marketed to doctors and the public.

Paul Hanly, a New York City lawyer accused the family of being essentially a crime family and drug dealers dressed in nice suits and dresses.

The company however, vehemently denies any responsibility of the on-going health epidemic. Purdue Pharma insists that the OxyContin Drug cannot be considered the prime cause of the epidemic since it accounts of only 1.7% of the overall Opioid prescriptions in the US.
A family spokesman added that they were just being icked on’ considering that they were only the source of 2% of the total prescriptions.

However, the family is claimed to be having a second drug making company called Rhodes Pharma. This company is among the largest producers of off-patent Opioids in the United States counted for the 14.4 million Opioid prescriptions giving them a 6% total share of the Opioid market.

That puts the two companies combined in the 7th place among the Opioid manufactures.

Andrew Kolodny who is a professor at the Brandeis University and one of the foremost Experts of the US addiction epidemic further debunked the Sackler family claim of their drug not being responsible for the crisis.

The company Purdue is now being sued by at least 30 states in the United States and according to some closed sources, the company might be unable to meet all the damage costs.

The reason for the speculation was that the Sackler family had taken most of the money made by the company and siphoned it over the past years.

Hobbies and Sports That Are Blowing Up in 2018

The internet is arguably the greatest invention in the telecommunication world.Today one can purchase an item from one corner of the world from the comfort of their house simply by logging onto the internet.Such has been the increase in non-physical interactions the internet has facilitated.Through Skype,Whatsup or Facebook its possible to talk one on one with anyone irrespective of where they are as long as both are logged onto the internet.

Sports remains a key leisure activity for thousands to engage in.New games emerge And are spread easily today because of the internet.Dodge ball is a game played within a court with two team,one throws the balls while the other avoids being hit,once hit or are outside the court you get eliminated,

The sport is said to have originated in Africa over two hundred years ago and was taken to Europe by Dr.James H Carlisle a missionary.Phillip Ferguson took the game to America popularized it.The internet today provides an instant tutorial on how to play and this has led to its growth globally.It has also achieved a lot as a sport with April 27 is the international dodge ball day.There are also two world bodies for dodge ball the World dodge ball federation and the World dodge ball association.

Bjj or Brazil Jiu Jitsu was a Japanese sport known as Jiu-Jitsu today known as Judo it was introduced to the Gracie family in Brazil by Esai Maeda at around 1914.The internet has played a key role in familiarizing the sport to new people.In 2018 alone Texas hosted three Bjj events.June second 2018 saw spain hold the Naga Bjj tournament and reality fighting.

92.72 meters in javelin is the the record held by Kenyan Julius Yego who is nicknamed Mr.You tube.After winning gold in the all Africa games Yego said that he had learned how to throw the javelin by watching you tube videos hence his nickname.His greatest inspiration was Jan Zelezny from Czech republic,there is possibility the two have never met but the internet has made it possible for Zelezny to teach Yego some skills that are absent in Kenya.

While these games may have existed for years the presence of the internet has enabled a wider and more effective audience.This has led to global recognition and organization.

The world cup effect.2018 has seen Russia host the greatest football tournament in the world.France emerged the winners the last time they had won was twenty years ago and Zinedine Zidane was at the centre of things.A study carried out in Brazil in 2014 showed that there are about eight hundrend and twenty zidanes born after 1998.Paul pogba is a house hold name across the streets in many countries with his hair style common everywhere.

While the internet has come with many positive effects it has equally carried a bundle of negative effects.Cyber crimes and bullying are fast becoming the new tread even in developing nations.Pornography and various sexual orientation are starting to emerge from area never witnessed.In Africa for example sexual relationships were purely between male and female though the practices might have existed in hidden form.Global Human rights activism has led to registration of lesbian and gay rights groups in almost every country.

5 Foods That People Have Changed Their Opinions About Due To Science

With the passage of time, new discoveries are made and new research brings to light what is true and what is not. False perceptions are cleared and facts based on evidence are slowly accepted. The food industry has experienced a similar sort of renovation in terms of edible foods that used to be considered ad’.

The following is a list of 5 foods that have been scientifically proven as healthy:


Potatoes used to be considered unhealthy, even though they were still classified as vegetables. This is because they were known to be high glycaemic index foods (quickly increased blood glucose levels).

This is true; however, potatoes are a rich source of various vitamins and trace minerals. The starches that dissuade people from eating potatoes can be altered depending on how the potatoes are actually prepared. For example, if potatoes are cooked and cooled down, the resistant starch in them increases which further causes the starch to behave like a dietary fiber, positively impacting gut bacteria.


Eggs were considered bad for the heart for a long time. This was due to the large amount of dietary cholesterol present in them which was thought to be a contributing factor to high blood cholesterol levels. However, modern research has shown that if the intake of eggs is controlled, then the impact of dietary cholesterol on health is limited. Moreover, the types of fats in our food affect cholesterol levels more than dietary cholesterol content. In essence, eggs are a good source of proteins, various minerals and vitamins along with healthy fats.


Dairy has always been a controversial food item due to confusing messages about its implications on health. Essentially, dairy is rich in protein and calcium content. It was and still is considered problematic due to its fat content.

As a result, a variety of dairy products are now available in the market to select from, with varying levels of fat. Although it may be smart to avoid a diet which is high in saturated fat, regular consumption of dairy products is not harmful at all as long as the person consuming the products has a healthy overall fat and calorie intake.


Nuts are known to be high in fat and calories which is why they were assumed to be part of foods to avoid if a person was aiming to shed off some weight. A recent study showed that a person who eats raw nuts reduces their chances of cardiovascular diseases and death from varying causes.

Raw nuts are proven to contain protein, healthy fats, dietary fiber, and micronutrients. Also, various other studies have linked nuts to lower rates of type 2 diabetes as well. Thus, nuts are a healthy food to consume as long as one remembers to do so in moderation.


A personal favorite in the list is chocolate. Chocolate is considered fatty and sugary and some types can be full of artificial additives and harmful oils. However, if a person sticks to dark chocolate that is majorly comprised of cocoa solids, then there is no reason to worry.

High percentage of cocoa is linked to a high amount of monosaturated fats and anti-inflammatory flavanols, both of which lead to a lower risk of stroke and development of heart failure. Eating chocolate also leads to a healthier gut, as the good bacteria in our stomach consume the cocoa and ferment it into anti-inflammatory compounds.

What is Digital Orthodontics and why you should know about it

Digital orthodontics involves the use of technology in dental practice. There has been an effort to shift from the old way of dental treatment to the employment of new technologically advanced methods. Dental orthodontists prefer to use technology in every day dental treatments because of the profound benefits it has over the old traditional methods. The digital dental treatment methods are more effective and also save orthodontists a lot of time as well.

We’ll give you an overview into what digital orthodontics entail, its benefits and some of the efforts made into digital orthodontic treatments like clear Braces. What are some of the benefits of digital orthodontics? Guarantees you a return on investment (ROI) The usage of digital orthodontics in your dental clinic will guarantee you a great ROI. This is because in terms of the new advanced technology, you are definitely going to reap a handful of rewards. The business will also improve its overall efficiency and ensure total client satisfaction as well. The overall result shall include an increase in sales and a staff that is efficient.

Motivates your employees.

Using digital orthodontics will turn your workplace into a much better environment for your staff to work in. You might need to train old employees on the new technology for a smooth transition from manual treatment methods to digital orthodontic techniques.

Client satisfaction.

Digital orthodontics will also guarantee client satisfaction. A good example might be the usage of the intra-oral scanner. This procedure is simple and it helps to get rid of plaque and other unwanted materials in the mouth. The procedure is less painful and non-invasive compared to the manual method. The patients go home feeling better and satisfied. What are some of the modern digital orthodontic techniques? In the recent years, science and technology has made big strides in coming up with advanced digital orthodontics like the invisible braces. Here are some of these amazing technologies.

The AccleDent Aura. This is a new technology like the InvisAlign that helps speed up your tooth movement by almost 50%. The need for braces is diminishing and you might not need to wear them with this new technology.

The Lythos Intraoral scanner. The Lythos intraoral scanner is yet another digital orthodontics advancement that helps orthodontists to be able to perform digital scans on patients. This will in turn help to make custom-made braces for the client.

Insignia. The insignia technology also helps to improve the movement of teeth using advanced computer technology. The technology custom makes braces for you after a complete 3D digital scan.

In conclusion, digital orthodontics is largely being integrated by most dental professionals in their practice. As we have seen, it offers great benefits when used in any dental business model. You are guaranteed on a good return on your investments, your staff will be motivated to work more efficiently and it will also guarantee your clients total satisfaction. Improve your dental practice by employing digital orthodontics in your dental practice to enable you experience great sales in your business.

Which Major Sports Are Gaining or Losing Popularity and Why?

Sports have played a role in cultures around the world for several hundreds of years just as music or food. Which sports are the most popular varies depending on how many viewers either watch the sport live or on TV? Recently interest in sports has begun to shift mirroring the changing tastes in culture and society. Experts hypothesize this is because of several reasons from economic shifts to a growth in millennial consumerism. We have highlighted which major sports are gaining or losing popularity and why in this article.

On the Decline: Golfing
Gold had originally seen a rise a drastic rise in popularity from the past twenty years with figures such as Tiger Woods. Unfortunately, experts suggest that this popularity was largely due to the social drama that was associated with some of the top golf figures. Now that they have “lived out” their fame, so to speak, the sport is dropping again in popularity and is predicted to lose viewers by up to 25% for the year 2018. Golf has found a way to remain on the sports map even during some of its darkest times, so sports enthusiasts agree that it will find a way to come back again.

The NBA vs NFL: Declining or Rising?
There is a very interesting argument occurring by sports experts and professionals as to who is rising in popularity, the NBA or the NFL. NFL experts will tell you that statistically, the sport is on a record high especially with the anticipation of this year’s Super Bowl 2018. Television statistics show a different story and actually argue against this as viewer participation in games has gone down over the past 5 years slowly by nearly 32%. This year’s Super Bowl 2018 participation was not nearly as high as expected.

NBA experts will confirm the fall in NFL popularity is due to a rise in NBA viewer participation. Statistics show that the NBA has become more popular over the past two years increasing by almost 30% in both TV and live viewership. This could be because up-and-coming players that are stepping into the place of the Michael Jordan figures which the NBA has been lacking for quite some time.

MMA and Boxing
Fighters such as Ronda Rousey are helping the MMA world rise to a popularity level it hasn’t experienced in quite some time. More viewers are paying the extra premiums with their cable companies to watch the matches and are showing more interested in other smaller matches. Some experts contest that this is because several of the MMA fighters on top have also had careers in the Olympics, WWE, and even television (such as Bautista in Guardians of the Galaxy). As these figures rise in popularity in other realms, that automatically translates into the MMA and boxing world.

Over the past two years, NASCAR had risen so much in popularity that it almost doubled its fan base. Recently, since fan-favorite names such as Stewart or Gordon are no longer in the public view, the sport is decreasing and predicted to continue falling. NASCAR has long since had a reputation for catering to a specific audience inside the USA. However, experts predict that the sport may see a more successful rise on an international basis in countries such as Europe and Japan.

Conclusion: Sports have a way of cycling through in terms of popularity and trading off with one another. So, if your favorite sport is on the rise, enjoy it while it lasts. If it is on the decline, give it a couple of years and see what those years may bring.

Why has the UFC gone down in popularity in recent years?

WWE, TNA and other wrestling entertainment promotions are for kids. UFC is the real deal to the die hard MMA fans like us. Ultimate Championship wrestling has been operating in the business since early 90’s. The octagon provided extreme adrenaline rush for fighters and spectators. Bulky as well as lanky men set foot on the ring without tops. Most of them didn’t need the luxury of shoes. Music and video games inspired by the UFC theme enjoyed huge popularity.

Brock Lesnar, Anderson Silva and Chuck Liddell were amongst the ambassadors of this MMA promotion:

UFC is still the largest and most celebrated MMA brand in the world. Even till 2016, one of its banner years, they didn’t need to worry about ratings. It was by this time Lorenzo Fertitta jumped ship by selling UFC to WME-IMG for $4billion, the largest sports acquisition at that time. The acquisition heavily favored Fertitta, but did it go well with the fighters and the world’s biggest MMA brand? Unfortunately popularity of this brand is on the decline. In this post we discuss why has the UFC gone down in popularity in recent years?

Too many titles and events:


This has been the regular complaint for several years now. UFC keeps creating interim titles which don’t hold much gravitas. Ticket sales haven’t taken a hit for these events. However fans don’t feel these events as anything special. The die hard fans are leaving their favorite MMA brand. The flagship events have lost the value they once had.

Tough match-ups that don’t reward the fighters

Though there are too many title events happening in the UFC, they don’t make mush sense. A lot of good fighters do not fight for the top titles. When fighters fight the best in the world and don’t smell a chance of getting near their desired something, something is wrong with modus operandi of WME-IMG. The heavy sum they company paid to buy UFC is possibly making them more desperate.

The Floyd Mayweather factor
It was thought the Mayweather – McGregor fight would bring more attention to MMA fighting. It will open up the sport to whole new demographic. Though the opinions are true, the Mayweather – Gregor fight is not solely a UFC promotion. Mayweather’s partner Showtime Sports holds most part of this event venture, thereby taking lion’s share in the revenues. This dents the very strategy of UFC’s new owners too, who is trying to make money by compromising on inherent quality of the MMA brand.

Champs are not defending titles

Champs including Conor McGregor, Michael Bisping and Amanda Nunes are not defending their titles anymore. UFC is overcompensating by creating interim titles that gives legit headliners for events. Till now, that practice hasn’t translated well with audiences. The expected comebacks of Nick Diaz or Anderson Silva is still uncertain too. UFC is in scarce of big names or titles to promote their events.

WME-IMG cashing in on UFC setup, more of a sell out.

One of the talking points is Luke Rockhold’s sentiments of lack of main title matches. He pointed out the Michael Bisping vs. Georges St-Pierre match-up for middleweight title in particular. He feels if Bisping ever agrees to fight, he is potentially holding up on the title for up to two years. WME-IMG desperately wants to get bang for their buck on UFC investment. In the process they are denting the careers of fighters who worked hard all their way up.

Too much attention for their top stars

When it comes to their star athletes, UFC seldom do healthy rounded promotions. In 2015-16, their lucrative period, there rode on dominant runs of McGregor and Rousey. Once Rouse started losing title fights since UFC 193, it didn’t go well for UFC. Now it looks like curtains for Rousey’s career. McGregor doesn’t seem to come out of Mayweather fights which earns several millions for him.

Unreasonable treatment of athletes

Lorenzo Fertitta believed UFC transferred to the right hands. He said WME-IMG “share the same vision and passion for this organization and its athletes.” It is somewhat true considering the previous owners too followed ruthless business practices. Injuries have haunted the MMA brand historically. The pay for athletes isn’t great either. It explains why the fighters have left for the rival, Bellator MMA in recent times. WME-IMG’s approach of generating revenue on their $4 billion acquisition doesn’t include proper treatment of UFC MMA fighters.

Most exciting robotics features that have helped the health industry in 2017

Technology has literally transformed the health industry. On the other hand, has it not? The year 2016 was an outstanding year for the health sector regarding technology. Moreover, it will not stop in 2017. Although there are concerns on robots replacing people in the workforce, the benefits are many. Just imagine the effectiveness of a machine that does not need food or sleep, not biased as we humans often are. With proper forethought and preparation, the health sector can ensure that the human touch stays relevant in medicine while taking advantage of the robotics. Here are some of the exciting features that have helped the health industry this year

Surgical accuracy

At best, surgery is an unpleasant experience. Patients have to wait for long depending on the resources and workforce available. However, DaVinci helps eliminate this problem. The technology has been used in various areas of urologic surgery to head and neck. You should note that the surgeon is in full control of the system all the time; however, the machine has bigger flexibility and reach, a smaller incision made with the greater incision. Therefore, the robots are enough to reach the areas with the problem.

Robotics are putting the “care” back in healthcare

When in a hospital, patients interact with nurses the most. The nurses check the vital signs, take care of your hygiene, check on your condition, and draw blood. The nurses are mostly overwhelmed by mentally and physically daunting tasks, and because of this, it is always an unpleasant experience for those involved. Robotic nurses help carry this burden. The nurses have been designed to perform the repetitive task, which gives the staff more energy to deal with areas that need human decision-making empathy and skills. Some robots can even take your blood sample.

Robotic help for a better life

Having robotics in healthcare 2017 is more than just drawing blood. Using a remote-controlled robot like those developed by Anybots Inc caretaker can talk to their patients; check their conditions and the need for further treatments. This boosts efficiency by far through eliminating the home visits that consumes much time. The only downside is companies making this robotics have to improve the privacy concerns. As with most robotics, it is near impossible to get non-authorized personnel. With the right safeguards, these robots have highly improved the lives of patients and caretakers.

Robotics in the supply chain

One amazing thing about robotics is that makers can make them durable so they can overtake tasks that would be too dangerous for humans. For example, Petman is designed for testing chemical protection clothing. The robot moves freely and can change suit temperature and start sweating to provide realistic conditions. Such robotics and features are meant to reduce the risk to human testers. In the end, production becomes cheaper due to mechanization of the supply chain. It becomes more affordable as well. The robotics has increased productivity in the health sector since they are agile sturdy and flexible.

In conclusion, the above are just some of the features. Robotics offer more benefits to the health industry.

What are the chances of the Boring Company succeeding?

Now each company has some great potential when it is launched. This is because starting a company takes some initial research and a lot of efforts. Most of them have got an ideology at its heart that the company and its resources and personnel try to fulfil. There might be various aspects about a company and the scenario where it would be functioning to determine if it would be a success or not. One among these thousands of companies is the Boring Company, created by Elon Musk in late 2016. The successful CEO of Tesla, which is a company that deals in automotive and energy storage of renewable energy resources like electric cars and vehicle powertrain components and the like.

How the Boring Company came to being?

Elon Musk says that some time in December 2016, he got really frustrated while being stuck at a bad Los Angeles road traffic. It is really so that the traffic in Los Angeles is getting worse by the day. And so he decided to make a tunnel boring machine and “keep digging” till he finds a better solution. And the billionaire entrepreneur is doing just that under a plot of land for his rocket company, the SpaceX, which is the suburbs of Hawthorne. He has even declared that soon the tunnel will be ready with a lift that will allow cars to move through them. This will be in running condition soon.

Transportations have come a long way from the invention of the wheel. Now there are super cars and powerful trains cruising through the road. But there are not many revolutionary new ideas that we have seen for the past few years in the sector of land transports. Sure there are significant innovations that are being made like autonomous cars and the like. But what the Boring Company, yes that’s what the name is, is really a huge step forward. Elon Musk himself says that the project is in its infancy and the chances of successful compilation of the project are very narrow. But still every effort is being made.

Are there chances of the Boring Company succeeding?

Well, the CEO himself says that the task that has been undertaken requires a lot of digging around and exploiting what could be possible or not. Even the machine that does all the digging is named Godot after the play “Waiting for Godot” where this person never shows up. All these are enough to tell you that there are not much hope of success in the project. But that is not something to hold Musk back because his idea has got huge potential. Let us try to figure out in brief what Musk is trying to do through the Boring Company

Idea behind the Boring Company

The Boring Company is going to dig tunnels and reinforce the tunnel at the same time unlike traditional procedures. Musk says that after completion of the tunnels, cars can travel through it at a speed of about 130 miles an hour. He had even made a video of his idea. The idea is quite similar to the Hyperloop program, which are high speed rails for transporting people. This will remove the problems of cars clogging up the roadways.

There are lots of projects that Musk is currently involved in and he cannot invest much time in this project. So it seems that there are not much prospects of this project, though this revolves around a great idea.