5 Foods That People Have Changed Their Opinions About Due To Science

With the passage of time, new discoveries are made and new research brings to light what is true and what is not. False perceptions are cleared and facts based on evidence are slowly accepted. The food industry has experienced a similar sort of renovation in terms of edible foods that used to be considered ad’.

The following is a list of 5 foods that have been scientifically proven as healthy:


Potatoes used to be considered unhealthy, even though they were still classified as vegetables. This is because they were known to be high glycaemic index foods (quickly increased blood glucose levels).

This is true; however, potatoes are a rich source of various vitamins and trace minerals. The starches that dissuade people from eating potatoes can be altered depending on how the potatoes are actually prepared. For example, if potatoes are cooked and cooled down, the resistant starch in them increases which further causes the starch to behave like a dietary fiber, positively impacting gut bacteria.


Eggs were considered bad for the heart for a long time. This was due to the large amount of dietary cholesterol present in them which was thought to be a contributing factor to high blood cholesterol levels. However, modern research has shown that if the intake of eggs is controlled, then the impact of dietary cholesterol on health is limited. Moreover, the types of fats in our food affect cholesterol levels more than dietary cholesterol content. In essence, eggs are a good source of proteins, various minerals and vitamins along with healthy fats.


Dairy has always been a controversial food item due to confusing messages about its implications on health. Essentially, dairy is rich in protein and calcium content. It was and still is considered problematic due to its fat content.

As a result, a variety of dairy products are now available in the market to select from, with varying levels of fat. Although it may be smart to avoid a diet which is high in saturated fat, regular consumption of dairy products is not harmful at all as long as the person consuming the products has a healthy overall fat and calorie intake.


Nuts are known to be high in fat and calories which is why they were assumed to be part of foods to avoid if a person was aiming to shed off some weight. A recent study showed that a person who eats raw nuts reduces their chances of cardiovascular diseases and death from varying causes.

Raw nuts are proven to contain protein, healthy fats, dietary fiber, and micronutrients. Also, various other studies have linked nuts to lower rates of type 2 diabetes as well. Thus, nuts are a healthy food to consume as long as one remembers to do so in moderation.


A personal favorite in the list is chocolate. Chocolate is considered fatty and sugary and some types can be full of artificial additives and harmful oils. However, if a person sticks to dark chocolate that is majorly comprised of cocoa solids, then there is no reason to worry.

High percentage of cocoa is linked to a high amount of monosaturated fats and anti-inflammatory flavanols, both of which lead to a lower risk of stroke and development of heart failure. Eating chocolate also leads to a healthier gut, as the good bacteria in our stomach consume the cocoa and ferment it into anti-inflammatory compounds.